BePro Listings is the best foundation for creating a pet directory website on wordpress. This listings plugin will allow you to feature any type of animal, dogs, cats, horses, etc in a directory style format. If you are creating a website for pets then consider using BePro Listings

BePro Listings is 100% free, so don’t hesitate to download and try it today. If you already own a WordPress website then this solution will integrate into your existing setup. Otherwise, we offer premium themes which you can purchase after testing BePro Listings and confirming its fit for your needs.


Google maps, categories, ajax search filter, front end submission, and listing result templates are just a small subset of the optional base features offered by this plugin. Users will have various ways to view your pet listings and view detailed information about them

Each listing has its own page. There you can feature images for each pet, effectively facilitating a gallery per pet. You can also feature info like price, address, and other useful information regarding your pets. This is ideal for veterinarians, animal hospitals, lost pets, dog pounds, and other pet related websites


You can create listings yourself from the WordPress admin area. Alternatively, you can allow users to upload pet listings from the front end. This type of flexibility is found throughout the plugin. Create a closed community or open it up to others to help you create and manage listings.

We facilitate various ways for you to present the information and allow users to navigate to relevant listings. Our flexible template architecture and available shortcodes makes this plugin adaptable for any theme. You can also consider our one dollar WordPress themes, shortening the time needed to setup a pet website. Take a look at an example here

With our shortcode options, there are lots of configuration options for the layout. You can categorize all pets and you can feature individual ones. We help you to store the information and provide you with lots of ways to showcase it and help visitors navigate to relevant information


Installation is easy. Once you have WordPress installed, you then need to install and configure the plugin. View our step by step BePro ListingsĀ configuration instructions for videos and other information.

We have several shortcodes to choose from. You pick the features you are interested in, making your pet directory website unique. When ready, we offer lots of ways to extend the base functionality with videos, reviews, and other enhancements. We have everything you would need to setup and maintain a useful pet website


When you are ready to extend features, take a look at our Bundles, themes, and addons. We have everything needed to manage a pet related directory website. View our addons today. Popular solutions include:

Form Builder (Customize pet attributes)
– Reviews
– Favorites
– Export
Icons (127 google map icons including animals)

We even have an api addon for those whose operations are large enough. Regardless of how large your business is, BePro Listings can scale to fit your needs. With over 20 addons, we provide solutions for most customers. If your needs are unique, don’t hesitate to contact us.


If you are creating a pet related website on the wordpress cms, then you need BePro Listings. With google maps, images, ajax search filter and other directory focused features, this solution has everything you need. Allow users to view pet related listings on your website today.

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