Whether you are building a business or real estate directory, you probably need to showcase information on a map. With BePro Listings, you can show several listings on google maps at the same time. Each listing also has its own map. With various configuration options, BePro Listings is a must have for your next directory project


Many users are comfortable with using map software to view geographic information. This is a great way for users to navigate your website and view relevant listings quickly. With google maps, you can easily showcase lots of related listings at the same time.

Each result has its own marker on the map. However, when several markers are close to each other, the map will automatically cluster them. As the user zooms into an address, the clusters separate to showcase the various related listings

Users are also able to search all listings. The results of each search are shown on google maps as a icon aka marker. Users can click the markers to view more information. Each listing can have categories, details, images and lots of other information. Much of this information is viewable on google maps. The user is also presented with a link which forwards them to the details page for that listing. If interested, you can use our BePro Listings Icons addon to feature different icons for each category


The results all come from your website. Every listing has its own page where details that don’t fit on the map can be viewed. Alternatively, if you prefer an affilate setup, you can configure links to point to a different website. You can enter all listings by yourself or use our front end submission form to allow users to submit listings.

You dictate how the various features are laid out. If you prefer a page with just the google map, you can do that. You can also search on one page and forward the user to a different page to view the results like google, yahoo, and other major search engines. Options are endless with the versatile template and shortcode features available for BePro Listings


When creating a directory website, google maps is a popular feature that users expect. BePro Listings provides google maps and so much more. With an engaging search feature and clickable icons with details, this solution provides everything you would need for creating a google maps directory website.

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