Both WooCube and WooCube Pro are installed like normal plugins. They then distribute their options as needed. Remember that they work in completely different ways. Their only similarity is that they both work with woocommerce and cubepoints


This plugin is installed like any plugin from You can upload it via the plugins menu or via ftp to the plugins folder. It will then create the necessary options within cubepoints and woocommerce.

So to be clear, do not install this plugin like a cubepoints module (i.e. in the modules folder).

If possible, via ftp, make sure that the plugin upload process, generated its own folder within the plugins folder. So in the case of WooCube Pro, your folder structure should be

  •  wp-content/plugins/woocube-pro/woocube-pro.php


Its important to remember that the base version of WooCube is a Woocommerce payment module. It becomes a way for people to pay for their product 100%. This acts a lot like paypal, skrill, etc except for the fact that you never leave the site.

The basic version of the plugin has one set of configurations. They exist in the woocommerce payment menu. There you will be able to setup WooCube like any other payment module. Options include, title, description, etc.


The Pro version of the plugin is a little more involved. It provides two set of configurations. This is not to confuse you. Remember that these are two completely different plugins and we try to tweak both of them to recognize and work with the other

The best place to start is the Cubepoints module menu. There you will find cubepoint specific options and options which turn on features in Woocommerce.  The options include features like, the ability to exclude products from points. Once selected, this turns on the option in woocommerce.

If the correct options are turned on in Cubepoints, you are able to specify details per product. So Product A can be excluded from the points program. Product B may be setup to reward the customer with 10 points after purchase.

Woocommerce PRODUCTS

You can setup real or virtual products in woocommerce. So in the case where you want to sell points on your website as a product or reward users for purchasing downloadable products, virtual products would be a good choice. Those selling tangible products would simply use the default woocommerce product configuration.

The only thing left to decide regarding a product is if it rewards the user with points when purchased. In the case of simply buying points as a product, you are obviously going to assign some amount of points. However, for some products, you may not want them to be a part of the program. You can control all of this on the product edit page, if the option is turned on in cubepoints.


WooCube and WooCube pro are both installed like normal plugins. However, once installed, they work in completely different ways. They will facilitate options for you to configure depending on their capability. So the option menus available for WooCube are completely different than the options available for WooCube Pro

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