Our wordpress directory plugin (BePro Listings), now comes stock (100% FREE) with ajax, search, filter, and paging features. Now your users can search and view results on the same page. Integrating directory features into your wordpress site has never been easier.

NOTE: if you are interested in even more ajax search features, check out our Search Addon


Almost from the beginning, our shortcodes all worked on the same page. So if you used the search feature, both the listings and available categories, would be refined to reflect your search. Well we went and did it again with no apologies for the competition

Now its even simpler! Keep the “ajax on” option in the admin turned on and you can avoid using any of the shortcode options. This means, you drop the shortcodes on the same page and they just start working. No setup, no configurations, just works!

Wait there is more. If you want the listing details, to show up on the same page with the results, we have a solution. In the BePro Listings admin option menu, you will find a tab called “Search/listings”. There is a select box there with the option “How Links Open”. Select ajax page from the list of options.


Those that adopted BePro Listings before this feature, can still use the features with ajax turned off 100%. In fact, our team still believe that the strength of our plugins is in the plethora of options we provide. This allows you to facilitate a truly unique listings site. The ability to put your search box on the home page, while forwarding all users to a designated listings page, is invaluable for some users

So when you are ready to tweak the  shortcode options and/or BePro Listings configurations, there are tons for you to setup. Consider yourself a pilot ready for takeoff. When its time to put your aircraft into the takeoff configuration, this plugin has a plethora of options to accomplish your goals


BePro Listings is designed to be the best, listings, directory, classifieds, solution for wordpress. This new ajax feature makes its ridiculously easy to setup the plugin. BePro Listings is in a state of constant evolution and you can expect us to continue making the plugin easy to setup and feature rich

Date: Ajax directory search was last modified: February 23rd, 2015 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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