If you are interested in having a custom plugin developed for your wordpress installation, consider having our team help you to plan and potentially create a solution. Our team specializes has experience development and maintaining popular plugins like:

  • BePro Listings – Popular directory, classifieds, and general listings plugin with several themes and addons
  • WooCube – Payment, loyalty, and rewards solution for wordpress


WordPress is a very flexible CMS with several ways to extend its features. We work with clients on a range of solutions. These include

  • Unique and new solutions as well as 3rd party integration like social sites, graphy applications and databases
  • Addons for existing plugins
  • Api’s for other applications to connect to your website

We can help you with planning and or development of the resulting solution. A conversation with an expert can often times save you countless hours and ($1000) thousands of dollars in lost money. We know how to take a product from inception to a profitable and stable solution


We will help you to create detailed software requirements which represent your idea. From there, we will provide a quote on the necessary hours to accommodate your needs. If interested, we can then help you to develop the solution or we can help you to find someone that can.

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If you are interested in having a wordpress plugin developed, then we have a team of capable wordpress experts who can help. Allow us to expand your idea into clear requirements. Then we can help you to create it or find the necessary suppliers.

There are few limitations to the wordpress architecture. Limits are usually implemented by php or the underlying server long before reaching the limits of the wordpress CMS.

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