Currently, the only way to get feedback from someone on wordpress, is via comments. Also, wordpress is not inherently social. However, successful websites encourage social engagement and feedback from visitors.  If you are building a listings website, consider using BePro Listings with our social and feedback solutions.


There are enough cold and uninviting sites out there. The most popular sites help people to make money, engage media, or are social. If you hope to be popular without reinventing the wheel you need to be doing some or all of these. Social engagement is the cheapest and often times consider the best way to communicate with your customers


With our BePro Listings plugin, we help users to create any listing site including, directory, classifieds, Real Estate and so much more. When users come to these sites, we offer them the following ways to interact with your website

  • BePro Listings Favorites – This great plugin allows your customers to signal their like or dislike for your listings. This provides valuable feedback for you the website owner and great historical statistics for the user.
  • BePro Listings Contact – When the visitor to a listing makes the decision to contact the poster, you want this process to be as easy as possible. With this addon, we provide that quick and easy form of communication, emailing the poster right away


Its a smart idea to reach out to your customer and/or offer them easy ways to leave feedback. BePro Listings offers great options for those building listing sites on the wordpress platform. Consider our addons and how they can improve the experience for your visitors as well as store statistics and historical data

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