One of the great features of BePro Listings is its open architecture and use of wordpress hooks. This allows it to integrate into any well coded theme replacing their stock, map, search, filter, and other features. Once integrated, you can expand on your stock features with BePro Listings addons

WHY SWITCH TO BePro Listings?

Themes usually have their functionality hard coded into them. By that I mean, their functionality is generally not made to be extended or altered. So what you buy is typically as far as you can go with that theme. With that inherent limitation, there are many reasons to consider making the switch to BePro Listings. Here are a few popular scenarios

  • Lacking Features –┬áMany people buy themes because of how they look. Once they get the theme, they will most likely need to make some customization like, color, logos etc. For some themes, simple changes are easy. For most, even lite customization’s are often difficult.
  • Errors – Whether its a theme thats no longer supported or a theme that never really worked as advertised, its a great idea to switch to the robust platform of BePro Listings.
  • Better Platform – Some users simply need an open platform which allows them to integrate their custom features and styles. BePro Listings is the perfect foundation for this facilitating easily extended functions.


Each theme looks different and is coded differently. There is no simple, one way fits all answer for integration. Some integration’s have been extremely easy for our development team with simple string replacements. Some are a little more in depth requiring complete replacement of the features. Luckily, you are replacing features with easy to install BePro Listings components so no integration is ever that difficult.

If you need help, our BePro Software team can help. Often times, integration can be completed within 1-2 hours of wordpress development


If you have a wordpress directory theme and you are unhappy with its performance for any reason, you can switch to BePro Listings. Even though the theme maker never intended their theme to do more, we can make it do lots more. Make the switch today to our 100% Free wordpress directory plugin

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