In this post, we discuss the various terms related to BePro Listings. This will help you to better communicate needs or concerns when communicating with our support team. Many of these features have detailed explanations in our BePro Listings documentation.



  • Addon – We create several ways for you to extend the functionality of BePro Listings. These extensions are plugins designed to work with the base BePro Listings plugin
  • Category/Page ID – Each category and page has a unique numerical id. These are created and managed by wordpress. To reference categories or pages in BePro Listings features, you will need to use their ID’s
  • Frontend – Various elements are available to customers without them entering your admin area. This is ideal for separating user access to key features and preventing users from altering data that they did not create
  • Shortcode – This is a wordpress feature. It allows you to place features on pages you designate. Shortcodes are easily identified by their square brackets e.g. [display_listings]
  • Widgets – This is a wordpress construct which allows you to place features in your sidebars. BePro Listings comes with a few widget options

BePro Listings TERMS

  • Details Page – Each listing generates a unique page which shows the details captured in the front end form.
  • Form Field – A form is made up of multiple fields. Users can enter or select information for each field. This information is saved and show on the details page
  • Form Field Label – Each form field has a readable element which indicates what the field is for. This aspect is known as a label
  • Form Validation – When the option is turned on, users are prevented from leaving certain form fields blank or entering data that doesn’t work with that field. For example, you can force users to enter a description for their listing
  • Lat/Lon – For listings where geography features are turned on, a valid address will generate a location on the globe known as its latitude and longitude. These points are necessary for placing an icon on the google map
  • Listing Templates – We provide several ways for you to showcase search results including various listing layouts.
  • Page Templates – Each page is generated via a template file. This dictates the layout of the details page. You can create your own
  • Payment Packages – Users can select from packages you create. These packages include perks like # of listings.
  • Profile – Allow users to manage their listings from their My Listings profile page
  • Search Filter – Allow users to filter the search results by various options like categories, price, etc


Now you are better equipped to understand the various BePro Listings features and communicating issues to our support team. If you encounter a feature that isn’t described here, consider reaching out and letting us know.

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