Woocommerce is widely accepted as a great eCommerce solution for wordpress. With our WooCube plugin, you can add real gamification to wordpress by way of introducing reward points. This is done by linking woocommerce to the 100% free cubepoints plugins

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Cubepoints is the #1 and best points solution for wordpress today. Its modular development has made integrations like this very popular. It also has a very robust code base that transcends many wordpress versions. In short, cubepoints is a set of php functions that facilitate point management.

They integrate with wordpress only enough to make plugins like WooCube possible. This means that cubepoints is lite and a great plugin to use as a foundation for a points system


With WooCube, you can configure woocommerce products to reward customers with points after purchase. You dictate exactly how many points. So you can setup point packs with, 20, 30, or however many points you want, then you can charge the user whatever you want for them

Remember that WooCube works on cubepoints which comes with its own points management. This is not separate but in addition to WooCube. What this means, is that you are still able to simple assign points to users via the admin. You can also monitor point activity through the cubepoints logs menu


WooCube also allows customers to use their points during checkout. You the website admin can set options like, conversion rates and max % discount that points can create. Users are presented with an option on the checkout page to use their points. Once they do, it shows them exactly how many points were applied and shows them the new price

If the transaction is successful (i.e payment from paypal, skrill, authorize.net, etc), then the points are deducted from the user’s balance. If the user chooses to cancel the use of points before checkout, there is a button for that too, which will alter the user and return the price to normal


If you are interested in setting up a woocommerce points and rewards system then there is little alternative to the WooCube solution. Supported by our BePro Software team, this solution is up to date and works with several versions of woocommerce. We also have a woocube support forum available if you have any questions

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