In wordpress, Gamification is the process by which you turn a website experience into a game with benefits for the customer. For many, this is the perfect way to make your website more exciting and encourage users to stay on your website for longer. The best cases of gamification are those that provide Loyalty rewards through a points program. Users get the points from various activities on your website, then are allowed to use the points to purchase stuff.


Ideally, you would reward customers for using your website. This could be things like, forum posts, blog comments, or even something as simple as logging in or registering. Once users get these points, you want to allow them to do something with it, we propose that you allow them to use the points for products, virtual and/or real.

American express is a popular global company which uses a points and rewards system. Your local super market probably has one too. Why should your website be any different? With our WooCube Plugin you can setup this form of gamification for you wordpress cms installation


Our WooCube plugin joins two popular and 100% free plugins together, facilitating points and rewards. Specifically, these two plugins are required:

  • Cubepoints – This plugin is by far the best points system for wordpress available online today. It handles point management in terms of assigning points and recording their use on your webstie.
  • Woocommerce – Accepted by many as the best ecommerce solution for wordpress, it facilitates a plethora of shipping and payment gateway options. It manages everything from product creation to customer emails and notifications.


Together, cubepoints provides a points system, and woocommerce provides the rewards system. WooCube pulls the two plugins together in the WordPress admin. The basic WooCube solution is a great place to start and test out gamification on your website.

Our WooCube Pro Solution goes even further, allowing users to buy points through woocommerce. That means that you can allow users to purchase points on your website using, paypal, skrill, bitcoin, or any other payment gateway that woocommerce supports

WooCube Pro also allows you to, set conversion rates for points, maximum that the price can be reduced by, and so much more. With the basic WooCube, you simply facilitate the use of points for purchases. Once you go toWooCube Pro, you get so much more, really facilitating the fully managed wordpress Points and Rewards program.


If you are interested in setting up Gamification on your wordpress site, then consider the route of points and rewards. If you like that concept, then the decision to use WooCube Pro is simple. With this plugin, you can incentivise users to stay on your website with points and have them return to use them.

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