List your products on the wordpress cms with the BePro Listings plugin. Easily setup within minutes, this plugin allows you to list important information like, cost, contact, address, title, description and images. Many of the data options are optional and easily turned off during installation. Then allow users to search and filter your product listings.


Catalogs have been around for centuries. Many products require direct communication with the customer, are not ready for sale, or for a host of other reasons do not need ecommerce features. For those who simply need to showcase their products, BePro Listings provides a great foundation

If your products require data options which are not facilitated by the base free plugin, you can always use our Form Builder addon plugin. With this combination, you can list any type of product on wordpress.


BePro Listings allows you to manage everything from the admin as you might expect. It also offers front end management if interested. Ultimately, you are able to upload various pieces of content depending on how you have configured the plugin

Once uploaded, you can edit or delete content. Again, you as the administrator can control listings from the admin or allow users to manage their product listings from the frontend.


You can showcase your listings in various ways. If you have geography features turned on, you can showcase listings on a map. You can also showcase listings via various listing templates. These are all controlled via easy shortcodes and can be mixed and matched to fit your needs.

Ofcourse, if you are managing many listings, the content has to be categorized, paged and easily searchable. BePro Listings handles all of this providing several search option including shortcodes and widgets. This configurable setup allows you to create a custom listings experience

Also note that each product added to BePro Listings gets its own product page. There, users can view the images, cost, description and other details regarding the product. This page also makes it easy for Search Engine Optimization of that product.


Listing your products is easy with BePro Listings. This configurable plugin is easily installed and setup to fit your particular product needs. Allow users to search though your products and find various important details which can increase user access to information and sales.

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