Are you planning on uploading thousands of directory listings to wordpress? The BePro Listings plugin is the best place to start. With its built in csv uploader, you can quickly and easily upload as many listings as your server settings will allow. If interested in an automated process, you can use our BePro Software API plugin to communicate with BePro Listings remotely


BePro Listings is by far the most feature rich directory solution for wordpress. With over 20 addons, this plugin facilitates any directory needs. Start with the base free plugins which captures tons of information like, images, cost, contact and geography. The free plugin also provides tons of features including search and filter, google maps and various search result templates

Easily setup within minutes, this plugin will facilitate front end submission and management of listings. Charge users to post or allow users to post for free. Alternatively, you can control everything from the admin.


BePro Listings accepts specific fields needed in a directory. Many of the fields are optional and depend on your needs. Fields include

  • Item Name
  • Contact
  • Description
  • Images
  • Country

We explain everything in our BePro Listings csv upload documentation. With lots of documentation, this plugin is well established and easy to use.


BePro Listings is designed to manage thousands of listings. Limitations are imposed by your server stats and wordpress. BePro Listings stores and retrieves your information in the most efficient way possible. It also integrates with wordpress for features you expect wordpress to handle like, title, description and images.

With our BePro Software API addon, you can communicate remotely with your BePro Listings installation via XML. Add, edit or delete listings remotely. This is ideal for scenarios where you are generating and/or storing directory content somewhere else e.g. google spreadsheet.

Its important to note that you must have a developer to make use of this API. It requires that a custom component is built to communicate with the API and your external application. What the BePro Software API solution offers, is the ability to initiate that remote communication. As you can imagine, interfacing with wordpress, BePro Listings and its addons is very difficult without an API.


For those building large directories and wondering if wordpress can do the job, you should consider BePro Listings. Its by far the most feature rich and efficient directory solution available for wordpress. Depending on your server setup, this wordpress plugin solution will handle the management of hundreds of thousands of listings.

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