Its easy to create a job board using wordpress and BePro Listings. This combination will allow you to list jobs with details like, category, price, location, contact info, images and more. If interested in listing even more custom information, you can list virtually anything with the Form Builder addon for BePro Listings. This post is dedicated to showcasing what you can do for FREE and how much further you can take it with the BePro Listings Form Builder addon


WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) available online today. BePro Listings is the most feature rich and stable directory plugin available for wordpress. Both of these components are 100% FREE to, download, use, and customize as you see fit

WordPress will manage all of the typical CMS tasks, urls, users, admin, etc. There are countless videos and documentation available to get you up and running with this product. Server companies are also known for advertising their quick install options for this component

Once wordpress is installed, BePro Listings is installed from the wordpress admin area. The process is quick and simple. Our devs can install both wordpress and bepro listings within a few minutes. A novice should also be able to do this within 10-15 minutes with the tools and help available


A job board keeps information organized, allowing users to search for relevant listings. This is exactly what BePro Listings does in its free stock form. Toggle base features like the, ajax paging, gallery, cost, contact and geography. You can also categorize your listings and provide an in depth description.

BePro Listings also comes with an advanced ajax search and filter capability. You dictate how users navigate your listings. Have results show up on the same page as the search, or on a completely different page. Allow listing details to replace search results, again happening on the same page or allow links to open new pages. This type of control is unmatched.

BePro Listings is also known as a great Front End Submission plugin, allowing users to post their listings to your Job Board. In addition, with BePro Listings, you can choose to allow users to manage their listings from the front end of your website. So users never enter your admin area and retain control of their submissions


Our BePro Listings Form Builder addon is unique… as in you cannot find a competitor anywhere online. This product provides a easy and simple interface for a fairly complex job. Although BePro Listings comes with tons of features, its still limited in terms of the data in accommodates. The Form Builder allows you to capture any type of information with its over 19 stock form fields.

Equally as important as capturing the information, the Form Builder also helps you to control how that info shows up in search results and on the details page of the listing. The Form Builder literally spiders through the entire architecture of BePro Listings, while making control easy through the visual Drag and Drop Form Builder interface.

The Form Builder is part of over 20 addons available for BePro Listings. They provide the control and features necessary to take your Job Board in any direction necessary. The Form Builder is a great start towards creating a custom job board. When ready for even more custom features, we have a few addons and themes ready for your consideration.


If you are simply interested in setting up a free and quick Job listings Directory, then consider BePro Listings on the wordpress cms. If interested in creating a powerful Job Directory with all the bells and whistles, consider our Form Builder and our over 20 BePro Listings addons. BePro Listings is also supported by several wordpress job themes for those who want to get up and running quickly.

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