We invite wordpress plugin and theme makers to use our BePro Software Team to support your customers. We offer 1st and 2nd level technical support directly to your customers, on your behalf. Our team consists of a network of curated technical individuals. For the purpose of this post, we will focus on our help desk support staff


Our team understands wordpress. You know this from our BePro Software Suite of products. More importantly, here are some points to help you understand how well we fit your customer base.

  • All team members are located in North America
  • All team members speak english as their first language
  • All team members have a technical diploma or degree
  • All team members are continually subject to training and testing
  • Choose between support focused and jr devs to fulfill you monthly package

For those focused on english speaking support, we have the best solution available. Let us worry about maintaining support levels. You purchase a package and we figure out how to staff your monthly support needs.


We know how it is to be knee deep in code when a potential sale lead comes through email. Now the dilema, you are in the zone and money is how you pay rent. Stop this dilema today with our support staff. We offer great monthly packages and we work with you to staff support when you need them most. Here are the packages to consider

  • 40 hours per month
  • 80 hours per month
  • 120 hours per month
  • 220 hours per month

Do you need even more support staff? Contact us today and have us work with you to meet your customer support needs. Whatever time zone you focus on, we have english speaking representatives ready to help you.

More importantly, for the same price, we offer support focused and jr dev options. Have our support staff curate bug notifications (1st level) and pass them on to the jr dev for diagnosis (2nd level). While this is happening, you are free to jump in or stay in the zone developing your products.


Members of the BePro Software Team are required to attend training and are subject to constant testing to remain part of the team. The first stage of getting a team member on your project, is to work with us on creating customer engagement scripts and training material regarding your products

The process of getting a team member acclimated to your products and customers generally takes 5 business days. During that time, a consultant from the BePro Software team, is available to assist you where necessary. This time is billed at the standard Consultant rate and depends on how much help you need to create the necessary material.


Lets be clear, its impossible for staff to login to every client’s website. We have devised a realistic and scalable approach to providing support for unlimite clients while monitoring and tracking the work of support representatives. Specifically, we provide support via the following mediums

  • wordpress.org forums
  • Live Chat (on your website)
  • Emails (requires a dedicated email address)
  • Phone (coming soon)

This support stack is realistic and scaleable. Allow us to be your frontline support representatives. Pick one or all of the options to fulfill your monthly support package


Supporting your customers is easy with the BePro Software Team. We figure out how to find, train and manage the support staff. This frees you up to focus on maintaining and extending the product which got you to this stage. You start by contacting us and viewing the cost per hour for these services here

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