BePro Listings is the most advanced directory plugin available for the wordpress CMS today. With it, you do not need a multisite installation to run multiple directories simultaneously. BePro Listings facilitates this with the help of its over 20 addons. You select the addons which your directory needs to succeed

WHAT IS BePro Listings

This plugin allows you to capture, search and filter unique information. For SEO purposes, we consider this concept a Directory. In reality, you can use this plugin for, front end uploads, portfolios, classifieds, and a host of other applications. With google maps, galleries, ajax search results and lots more, this plugin has everything you need to showcase information.

In addition, there are over 20 addons adding features like, increased media support, better management, payment, notifications and lots more. In this article, we will talk mostly about the features which separate listings into unique directories on your website.


BePro Listings provides some control over the information that’s captured in its free stock form. This information includes things like, cost, contact and geographical information. You can turn on/off these features throughout the website. This is enough for many happy users.

If you need more control over the information that’s captured, then you will need our Form Builder. With our visual drag and drop Form Builder addon, you can literally create unlimited directory types. Separate listings on the front end by which form created it or by the categories its associated with. With over 18 base form fields, this Form Builder will capture the information that your directory needs.┬áIts really that simple.


BePro Listings has many addons that facilitate any feature that your directory may need. Some of these addons are focused on transforming the experience to focus on a niche market. Examples of this would be our Real Estate and Vehicles addons.

These niche market addons come with features like, sold banners, search filter fields, and much more. By themselves, they really transform the experience to focus on a particular market aka niche. The Form Builder addon will help you to keep these niche features separate across your website.


Multisite is nice, we use it here on to keep info separate. In fact, BePro Listings supports wordpress multisite for free. However for many, this is an added complication which separates the control and management of listings. For most, this is far from ideal

With BePro Listings, its one installation, one admin area, one front end. The plugin does the heavy lifting, figuring out which content should show up where. Ultimately, you are able to have entire pages focused on niche content, exactly like your favorite classifieds website.


If you are happy with separating directories using wordpress multisite, then go ahead, we offer this for FREE. However, if you would like a much more user friendly and management friendly approach, BePro Listings is your only solution for the wordpress CMS. No other directory plugin is as powerful as BePro Listings and we invite you to test drive it for FREE.

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