$7,500.00 / year

Product Description

This subscription option is mandatory for those interested in becoming and authorized reseller of BePro Software solutions. This membership options comes with various benefits including

  • Access to tutorials
  • Ability to resell products
  • Ability to resell licenses
  • Dedicated support
  • Ability to repackage and customize products
  • Ability to list your demo on
  • Use of the Authorized Distributor logo which links to your page on

You must purchase this membership before you can complete the testing requirements to become an authorized reseller. You must pass the test to receive an Authorized Ditributor logo, page on and the opportunity to create demos on


Apart from the perks listed about, this is an opportunity to create passive income and increase your customer base. The customers best positioned to take advantage of a package like this include

  • Software Companies
  • Business/Marketing/Sales Team
  • Web Developers

This subscription option provides a professional image for your business and a great opportunity to simply focus on selling an already proven and well maintained set of products. With the wide array of products sold on there are lots of ways to define a niche for your business

One of the biggest perks is the small amount of time needed for you to support a niche market. Our products are well tested and already being mas distributed today. This allows you to focus on the marketing and best package solution


Our solutions are versatile and hence applicable to many profitable niche markets. In fact, its not realistic for us to cover them all. If you see a profitable niche you can easily service it with our support.

There are a few niches which we claim/own. You can pick any other legal niche market. The niches claimed by the BePro Software Team are listed below

  • Customer Visualization
  • Marijuana
  • Oil and Gas
  • Points and Rewards

As you can see, we have left the most popular niches for you to take over. We are happy to focus on evolving markets. Subscribe today and establish your profitable niche before another customer does


If your goal is running a profitable business and growing your customer base, BePro Software is a great way to go. Let our team maintain the software and allow you to concentrate on selling the product. Sales come down to relationships and you can easily leverage your network and team into profitable distribution of BePro Software solutions

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