The BePro Listings Form Builder extends the stock front end upload form, facilitating multiple custom forms. This does not exist anywhere else and will obviously cause lots of questions. This page is designed to help shed some light on some major facts regarding our Directory Form Builder.


Can I create custom forms?

yes, there is no limit to the amount of fields or forms or submissions.

Can i view how many submissions each form has received?

Yes, the admin shows each form and various statistics including # of listings

What type of stock fields are available?

Typical form fields like, text, phone, website, checkboxes and select boxes. Also there are special fields to help you utilize wordpress and BePro Listing features like, item name, description, cost and address

How do I associate forms with listings created before I installed it?

When a listing has no association, there is a select box with form options. Select one and update the listing. On page reload, the select box is replaced with the fields for that form.

What happens if I delete a form?

All information related to the form is also deleted

How can i reset the form to stock?

While editing the form, simple click the “Reset To Default” button at the top of the form demo

Is it possible to have mulitple sections on my website e.g. cars, pets, vehicles?

Yes, this is exactly what the form builder does.

Do I need to purchase the Origami addon?

Its recommended for users who intend to also purchase an addon which generates new search features or listing details

Whats the best way to upgrade?

Deactivate the plugin. Then upload the new files via ftp and reactivate.

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