Like BePro Listings, the form builder integrates with BePro Email to facilitate notification emails for each form. There is no limit to the number of recipients or emails. So you are able to create custom notifications for each recipient.


When a new submission is received, the plugin triggers a specific action hook related to the form name you setup. The format of the action is “bl_form_frontend_updated_” followed by the form name without any, spaces or special characters. The only exceptions are hypen and underscore. Here are two examples where the form name is “form_1”

  • bl_form_frontend_updated_form_1
  • bl_form_frontend_inserted_form_1

So with the examples above, you would use these hooks in BePro Email. There you can create custom emails when “form_1” received a new submission and/or when it receives an update. Remember, with BePro Email, there is no limit to the number of recipients.


These are wordpress hooks. There is nothing stopping a developer from triggering their own function when a form submission is received. Here is an example where you would create your own hooks


In the examples above, you would create functions for “your_custom_insert_function” and “your_custom_update_function”. What happens in those functions is up to you.


BePro Listings Form Builder integrates with BePro Email to facilitate custom notification features. There is no limit to the amount of emails or recipients per form submission. So you are free to notify each interested person with a completely custom email.

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