Since BePro Listings 2.1.32, you can manipulate the permalink for listings. The permalink refers the the url where your listing can be found. By default, all listings are created under “/listings”. Now you can change that. This is a great way to focus the listings experience how you need.


Each listing generates a link like any other post. That’s still managed the same way, via the add/edit admin management options. However, if you would like to change the default “/listings” section of the url, you can do that

The feature is located on the same page as the wordpress permalink settings. It will be under the “Optional” section. Simply change the value to whatever you would like it to be, and all listings will adopt that rule.


Now its possible to completely change the listings experience to reflect your language or niche directory. Change the permalink to whatever you would like it to be. This really personalizes the url.

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2 thoughts on “BePro Listings Permalink

  1. claush

    How would I go around changing the permalink for the category base?
    I’d preferably have it as the same as the listing permalink as described above

    Right now it automaticly makes it like this:

    the /listing_types/ is the one that would be nice to be able to change. And in most cases Id belive people would like to have it set at the same above permalink we can set in the options. (know it is different post types (category+listings), so that might complicate it, but atleast have a chance to change it to something that makes sense for our site).

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