Showcasing your catalog of products on wordpress is easy with the BePro Listings plugin. This easy to install solution helps you to list your product inventory with info like, images, contact, geography and cost. Choose the features that describe your product the best then allow users to search and filter through the products. This plugin takes only a few minutes to setup and is easy to customize to fit your catalog needs


This plugin offers you the flexibility to build the layout that makes sense for your catalog. Get started with one of our simple shortcode options. When ready to truly customize the experience, we offer several shortcodes and widgets designed to work together in whatever configuration you choose.

Once you have uploaded your listings inventory, you can then decide how users will search that information. All users to search by, geography, title, contact info or a combination. A lot of this is chosen automatically for you depending on your initial selection of the setup options

  • Show Images
  • Show Geography
  • Show Contact
  • Show Cost

Depending on your selections, various features will be provided allowing you to fully describe your product


BePro Listings was designed to be easily configurable. During startup, the plugin asks you what type of information you would like to feature. With contact, geograpgy, images and cost related base features, this plugin comes with a lot. You need to decide whats right for your wordpress catalog

Does your catalog require cost information? Or would you prefer that they simply contact you for that info? With BePro Listings, the option is yours. Describe the product as much as you want and make the decision to feature prices or not. If you do choose to feature prices, users will be able to search by price.

We understand that not all catalogs have images, so we give you the opportunity to turn that off. We understand that some catalogs require addresses so we made that possible. You decide what to turn on and off on your blog. If your needs go beyond simply using to enhancing, consider some of our addons like the BePro Listings Galleries plugin


If your product requires more custom information and sku# etc, consider trying our Form Builder addon. With over 20 form fields, this visual drag and drop solution allows you to create custom front end form and product listings.

This product is fully integrated into BePro Listings allowing you to separate the information by the form which created it, or the category the submissions are assigned to. Either way, you have the freedom to collect and showcase various types of information simultaneously

This is also a great way to reorganize some of the elements on the page. Some elements stay put like the gallery which is traditionally at the top of the page. However, other elements can be moved around like the categories and other details. As you can image, the Form Builder has complete control of the submission forms, allowing you to fully describe your products


Regardless of what your product is, BePro Listings is the perfect solution for showcasing your catalog on the wordpress cms. Consider the various options, and deside how users view and navigate your information. When ready to extend the experience, BePro Listings features over 20 addons to help you achieve your goals

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