Creating a video portfolio is easy when you use the wordpress CMS and BePro Listings. WordPress is a popular content management system which you install on your server hosting. BePro Listings is a plugin which extends wordpress, adding the necessary features to manage a basic video portfolio website.


BePro Listings is the most powerful listings manager available for wordpress. Its 100% free to download and use. It facilitates tons of features typical to listing websites including

  • Ajax search and filter
  • Search Result listing templates
  • Categories
  • Galleries
  • Detail pages for each listing
  • Front end submission form

There are too many features to list here. Ultimately, BePro Listings provides all of the tool necessary to list any type of content including videos. When ready to improve on the free base features, we have over 20 addons to consider providing tons of added features.


For those who would like an immersive video experience for their visitors, we offer over 20 great addons for BePro Listings. Specifically, you should consider our, Galleries, Videos and Form Builder addons. They provide you with tons of layouts and display features that allow you to customize a lot

Our galleries addon adds new search result layouts that are ideal for lisitng portfolio items. Focus on info like the image and title, allowing the user to click through to the detail page to see your entire gallery and other details. In addition, choose between various slider options for showcasing your gallery of photos.

Since we are talking about a video portfolio, we must discuss our videos addon. It allows you to use videos that have been posted on youtube, vimeo and other popular video websites. This is a huge benefit since you wont have to host the videos yourself. If you do want to host the videos, this plugin does that too. For those link to videos, we pull in the screen shots, and allow you to replace the featured image of listings with their video image. In short, you can showcase your curated videos, categorized and detailed exactly as you need.

Since this is a portfolio we had to mention our Form Builder addon. With its over 20 stock form fields, it provides you with the ability to customize the information in the portfolio. This is the tool for you, if your portfolio needs to showcase specific sets of information.


If you have a portfolio and would like to feature video content, then BePro Listings has the solutions for you. In its free stock form, it will allow you to list anything and have it searchable by visitors. With addons, we immerse your visitors into a video portfolio experience which can be highly customized by you. Showcase and organize any videos from youtube, vimeo and other popular video hosting websites

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