Our BePro Listings plugin has evolved to become a great data visualization tool. Our Form Builder addon allows you to customize the information that’s captured, searched and showcased by BePro Listings.

You can upload tons of data to BePro Listings, once your csv is organized to match your BePro Listings setup. Addons like our BePro Listings Export allows you to export subsets of the data that you filter via customization search features. If your goal is to mine your data, BePro Listings can facilitate your needs.


With the BePro Listings Form Builder, you can customize the information that your create or users submit via the frontend of your website. Each submission gets its own individual page with all of the data in it.

It your data is focused on real estate data, then setup the plugin to accommodate, # of rooms, #of baths, etc. The Form builder has a range of fields including, checkboxes, dropdowns, texareas and more which makes it easy to capture the needed data.


A subset of the captured data can be shown in search results. BePro Listings has built in solutions for showcasing search results including google maps and several result templates. This is easily implement on any page or post on your website

One major feature is the ability to customize the search criteria. BePro Listings already has various built in search options. The Form Builder makes it easy to customize the existing search features and also provide solutions for any data thats captured via the, checkbox, dropdown or input field. So if your website captures vehicle specific information, and you can create a dropdown with vehicle types, you can make that field searchable. This approach makes it easy to create a search setup directly focused on the type of information you are capturing.


Regardless of the type of data you are interested in visualizing, BePro Listings can accommodate it with its Form Builder addon. BePro Listings has over 20 addons to help you to customize the appearance of the information and how users interact with it. This flexibility makes BePro Listings the ultimate data visualization tool available for wordpress

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