BePro Listings is a revolutionary set of online products which you can use to store and showcase your customer statistics. With our unique Form Builder solution, you are able to dictate the data points that are unique and important to your business. You can then upload that data then search and filter through the results.

Customers are showcase on google maps and or listings. From the information that’s captured, you can select which aspects you would like to filter. Its that simple. The data comes from your accounting team or anyone with access to sale data regarding your customers.


BePro Listings started out as a directory solution. So its designed to showcase information in an organized and easy to navigate way. Over time, we figured out a way to remove restrictions and allow users to design whatever type of directory they needed. Eventually, we discovered that you could list anything including customers.

Store the products customers have purchased, how much they have purchased, which store and where they are. These are really just examples since you will dictate the criteria which makes sense for your business and customers.


You can upload an unlimited amount of data. With our addons, you can design this solution to be constantly updated dynamically by whatever software you use. BePro Listings has over 20 addons including a complete api solution for those companies with developers and software that’s currently storing their sales data

Once the data is uploaded, its instantly visible and filterable. The system is as up to date as you need it to be with the information you find most important.


As you can imagine, the BePro Listings solution provides you with a visual depiction of your customer interaction. You are now in a position to analyse the type of customers that are most beneficial to your business. See exactly where your most profitable customers live, what products they buy the most and so much more

This type of information is important in understanding your current customer base and where you can improve. If you need to grow a demographic, this setup will help you to understand how to target them. This type of information can be a major asset when it comes to your strategy and budgets


BePro Listings runs on the wordpress content management system. Allow our team to setup everything for you or follow our in depth documentation to set it up yourself. With over 20 addons to choose from, there are lots of ways to setup your customer visualization scenario

This software requires that you have a web server. This server can be public facing or completely internal to your team. As your information needs grow, your server capacity will need to grow with it. Ultimately, there is no limit to the amount of data that can be stored and showcased by BePro Listings


Finally its here, a flexible method to visually analyse your customers. Gather the type of data thats important to your business. Then you can create search filters based on the data you have captured, allowing you to see the patterns that interest you most. With google maps and various listing templates, we offer you a great foundation for visually seeing the records that represent your customers. This solution will make you look like a genius at your next marketing or board meeting.

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