With the recent release of BePro Listings Tags version 1.0.14, search tagged content. Since the initial release of the plugin, users could tag content from the admin or frontend. Tags were also showcased on detail pages. Our new search feature gives users a better chance of finding relevant listings on your website.


Our tags implementation is an extension of the tags feature used by wordpress posts. WordPress allows plugins like BePro Listings to implement this feature. This is quickly evident when you notice that the admin management options for BePro Listings tags are identical to those for post tags

Allow users to tag content during submission, or tag content yourself from the admin. You can use the stock wordpress tags widget which will have aN option to select BePro Listings. In addition, you can extend the existing “search_form” feature to also include search results with matching tags.


Notice that you can manage tags from the admin like you do for post tags. You can easily add/edit/delete tags. Users can then tag content during submission from the frontend or you can use tags during admin management of listings

If you use the tag cloud widget, you can click any of the tags it showcases on the frontend. Notice how it takes you to a page focused on listings which have that tag. In addition, notice that on each listing page, the tags are showcased


One great feature is the ability to search tags via our existing BePro Listings search box. Now you can enrich the searches of users by also including listings which are tagged with words being searched. The user does not have to do anything extra to receive this benefit.

This approach increases the likelihood that the visitor will find a listing that’s related to their needs. We receommend that you pair this tags addon with our BePro Listings Search addon for the ultimate user search experience.


Tagging content is a popular way to help users find relevant content. With our tags addon, in addition to the existing fields search by BePro Listings, user searches will also return results which match tags. This enhancement increases the usefulness of your listings website by returning more relevant search results

Date: Search Listing Tags was last modified: October 20th, 2015 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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