Version 1.0.398 comes with a few new and major features. Specifically, two aspects that were once static for BePro Listings are now dynamic because of this new version of the Form Builder. New features include

  • New ability to remove certain fields from the details page
  • Add details page template selection for Forms
  • Add ability to make some Form Fields searchable via the search filter widget


Some content you put on the Form is really only for users entering information into the Form. Sometimes, you do not want users visiting the listings to see the same information. With this new option, you can set certain fields to not show up on details pages

For example, while editing the heading form field, you can select that it not show up on the detail page. So users viewing the Form will see the message in the heading, instructing them how to use the form. However, users viewing the details page will not see the message. Learn more about this in our Hide on Details Page documentation.


Each listing in BePro Listings has its own page where users can view detailed information related to the listing. You can make some layout changes to the page via BePro Listings options. However although there are several options, these options have limitations. Also, all pages will look the same.

For those users who are showcasing different types of information, you may want the listing pages to look like they focus on that info. For example, you may want your business directory pages to look different to your real estate pages. Details are explained in our Custom Listing Details Page documentation


One of the biggest new features is the ability to create a custom search filter. This is still in the beta stage, you can only do this for the search filter widget. Upcoming versions will soon also support the search filter shortcode.

In short, while editing form fields, some of them will provide an option to make them searchable. You can then select which form the search filter widget will get its fields from. Details are explained in our custom search filter documentation


As you can imagine, these new features will make some of our other addons obsolete. Addons like Origami have already been removed. Other addons like real estate and vehicles will be transformed to focus on custom templates, like our Business Directory addon.


The BePro Listings Form Builder has continued to evolve. Where BePro Lisitngs was once static, the Form Builder has made several aspects dynamic. For those taking note, with this new version you can now change the, forms, search filter, search results and details page layouts.

Date: BePro Listings Form Builder 1.0.398 was last modified: October 8th, 2015 by BePro Software Team Management at

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