Social and search sites arguably take the top spots for daily visits online. However those are notoriously difficult to create, make popular and most importantly make money from. Directory websites (aka classifieds) are still very popular and have a built in revenue model. Assuming you do a few things right, they are easy to setup and easy to maintain. This article is dedicated to showing you how to get started with your own directory website using BePro Listings.


This part is easy when you use the BePro Software Suite of products including BePro Listings, BePro Email and BePro Cart. Together, they allow you to setup a directory website which collects funds and notifies all stakeholders during the process. This platform allows you to get setup quickly and worry about the important things like attracting customers to your platform

BePro Listings is the most versatile directory software available. Its flexible architecture allows you to configure your directory so that it is unique. With over 20 addons, this solution supports more features than you may ever use. Most importantly, you don’t need to buy anything to begin making money.

The installation process is simple, it starts with installing the wordpress cms. You then pick the features you need from our software suite, BePro Listings, BePro Cart, etc. You then install and configure them to suite your needs. If you need help during any of this process, our BePro Software Team is here to help with free advice in our forums or paid support to help you realize your goals.


Making money with a directory is straight forward. The more popular your directory is, the more likely it is to attract paid submissions. The popularity of your site is the difficult part and this is where most of your time will be taken up. There are various ways to go about building popularity including

  • Existing Listings – Have you ever participated in an empty website? The point being, you will need to get the process started by adding the first few listings
  • SEO – Blog posts, advertising, and other methods for attracting customers are all great places to start.
  • Free Submissions – Thats right, allow people to post free submissions so that they can see the benefit of listing with you. The hope is that they will upgrade to a paid level to increase visibility

Ultimately, you need to figure out how to grow traffic to your website to prove the benefit of paying you for a submission. As you can imagine, once this starts, the success graph of this type of business becomes easier and easier to grow. This profitability graph is slower to grow but long lived compared to more popular software routes like mobile game development. This is dependable passive income.


This is made easy with the BePro Cart plugin. This solution allows you to accept paypal payments for listing submissions on BePro Listings. This is a free combination which allows you to make money for FREE. Only after you have figured out how to make money on the FREE platform, should you then use our paid addons to make even more money.

We also offer paid addons which interface with popular membership plugins. So if you prefer to charge users by membership tiers, we have that figured out for you already. Limit the number of images, number of listings and so much more. This is a great way to emphasis the benefit of paying for higher membership levels.


Making money with your own directory website is easy with BePro Listings and other BePro Software products. For FREE, you can start making money from user submissions to your directory. Once you have a game plan and can see profits, we invite you to extend your platform with the many addons we offer for BePro Listings. Features like, claim listings, reviews, and many others are ready and waiting to make your directory experience even better. What are you waiting for? Start making money today!

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