Our BePro Software Team has been hard at work and BePro Listings has continued to evolve over the past few months. With an easier setup process and more ways to customize, we are excited about what customers will do with BePro Listings in 2015


In keeping with our tradition of naming major iterations in our evolution, we have dubbed this version “Oromocto”. Named after the diverse and welcoming city of Oromocto, NB, Canada, this version is the easiest and most inclusive version of BePro Listings ever created.

Oromocto is a town located on the west bank of the St. John River at the mouth of the Oromocto River. The name is thought to have originated from an aboriginal word wel-a-mook-took which means “deep water”. This is a fitting name since we dug deep to revamp and improve BePro Listings. Its now extremely easy to get started. Then when ready, you can dig deep into the various customization options.

Installation takes seconds with our new setup wizard. Once installed, you can quickly check to confirm the status of the installation before beginning the customization process. Speaking of customizing, there are tons of new and updated features controlling how BePro Listings works and looks. All of these features are possible because of the support of our growing community


So much is new, this will take a few paragraphs. The highlights can simply be summed up as, easier to use and more ways to customize. For those interested in the breakdown, lets start with examining the items we checked off of our last list

  • Support for payments (paypal, skrill, etc) – Yup, we offer users the ability to charge per, category, listing, or listing package. For payment, use our FREE BePro Cart addon which features several payment gateway options to choose from.
  • Even more notifications and email support – We over delivered on this one. We removed all pre-existing notification features and replaced them with support through our FREE BePro Email solution
  • Additional search options – Search by name now. All those contact details that you entered before are finally searchable. You can configure BePro Listings to search, title only, name only or title and name.
  • Captcha for protecting form submissions from spam – Great addon that everyone should consider using. Continually refined by google, this product is facilitated by their api. Get this addon today.
  • Listings that expire aka disappear – Great new feature that we tried implementing in various ways. We settled on a simple premise, listings only expire if you connect them to a payment option. Yes, even if that payment option is free. We think your customers will be happy to see how much they get for free.
  • New ways to display information – Now you to select which information shows up in tabs. You can even remove all info from tabs. With this much flexibility, its extremely easy to create your own custom directory layout.
  • Export listings – This is done with our BePro Listings Exports plugin. Now you can easily export data for backup or transfer.

In addition to these features which were mentioned in the “Alert” post, we have also introduced the following features

  • Installation wizard – Now you can install BePro Listings within seconds. Simply step through the pages of the installation wizard and select the features that apply best to your setup
  • Plugin Status – Now you can view potential issues which may be affecting the functionality of your plugin. This we hope will reduce the troubleshooting time when trying to identify and repair issues


Yes, BePro Listings can be even easier to, use, setup and create revenue. There is also the remaining statistics feature from the “Alert” post, so its back on the list too. Rest assured, our BePro Software Team is already working on the next phase of evolution. Here are the points to look out for in upcoming plugin releases

  • GUI management of search result and detail page templates
  • More 3rd party integration options
  • Recurring payments
  • Statistics
  • User profile evolution

The order of delivery depends on funding and requests from the community. If you would like to add to the list or prioritize an item, reach out via any of our support channels.


BePro Listings is a well supported product with lots of ways to extend and customize. Our evolution has been thanks to great customers and we strive to keep them happy with, new features, easier use and most of all a stable platform. If you see ways we can improve upon this product, contact us today and let us know.

Date: BePro Listings 2.2.0 aka Oromocto was last modified: October 16th, 2015 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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