If you are creating a website for geocaching events or simply want to list items on a map, BePro Listings is the best wordpress plugin for you. This plugin comes with google maps as well as detail pages for each listing created. The provided directory setup allows for easy searching and viewing of geographically tagged listings


First you need to download and install the BePro Listings plugin. Its 100% FREE and is easily setup via an installation wizard. Be sure to select “Show Geography” and “Show Details” during installation. You can also setup the links where your custom listings will show on your website aka permalinks. The setup wizard helps you to create the required pages.

After installation, you want to check the plugin’s admin status page to confirm there are no errors or issues with your server. Also check the newly created page to confirm everything is compatible with your custom theme.


With BePro Listings, you can allow users to submit listings from the frontend. They can add various details including images, categories and location information. This is ideal for allowing users to find listings of interest. Once they find the listing, they can go to its detail page for more info

With the search page that’s created during installation, users can see the google map with icons already on it. They can also see listings related to the markers on the map. Users can then filter and search through your entire database of listings and have these records replace those on the default map.


BePro Listings is the perfect plugin for listing just about anything on wordpress. You will be up and running with your geocaching website within minutes with this plugin. Then you can tweak the various options to fit your specific needs.

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