The latest version of BePro Listings has marked a great milestone in the evolution of the Best Directory plugin ever made. With more ways to extend features than ever, this platform is ideal for creation your own custom real estate, vehicle, business or other directory niche website.


We chose to begin giving names to major milestones in evolution for this plugin. Alert, is a settlement in Nunavut territory which is here in Canada. It is the northernmost permanent settlement in the world. A fitting name for a product whose evolution has ventured further into new territory, than any other directory building solution before. The word “Alert”, also describes our team and the state of development for BePro Listings.

Our team has heard the requests from our growing membership. With new responsive elements, we are adopting the latest technologies in terms of layout. Our functionality is in line with what customers expect today, like the ease of use facilitated by our new visual form builder addon. BePro Listings leads the market and we continue to listen to the needs and wants of our customers.

Do not be confused, there is only one version of BePro Listings; whatever the latest version is. However, as we release fixes to the product, we assign designations to them. This way, we can keep track of events and pinpoint when issues began. When we do upgrade, version details allow you to note what new features are available, before you upgrade to the next version. This particular post is highlighting various enhancements that have happened over the most recent version releases. Naming these major milestones, will help you to better see how the plugin is evolving.


The goals for development have been lofty and so far we have been able to achieve most of them. The plugin continues its trend of easy use and setup, while implementing more safeguards and configuration options. In the newest release you can take advantage of features like

  • Responsive listing results and detail pages
  • Even more configuration options
  • Better language support
  • More themes and addon options
  • Email notifications via the Contact addon
  • CSV Uploads, especially for niche addons
  • Improved documentation

Although many users may never notice these enhancements, they form the basis of a strong step forward. BePro Listings now supports more languages and helps you to get started quicker. We hope that this allows more users to easily adopt the base platform and quickly customize it into being their own unique directory.


We are also very happy to announce support for our new Drag and Drop Form builder addon. This revolutionary product is the only true drag and drop directory form builder available, allowing you to search and filter results in various ways. Furthermore, since the form builder is built on BePro Listings, information becomes so much more e.g. addresses become google maps and images become galleries.

This new Visual Form Builder interface also allows you to completely translate the front end form experience. Whether you are using, Buddypress, the standalone profile, or the simple front end upload form, this form builder is a must have. Set validations and labels for each field, reorder them, add your own content and so much more. This addition really sets us apart from the competition, since there is none for this addon

We also wanted to mention the evolution of our Contacts addon. It currently allows you to add notifications to the BePro Listings system. No longer do you need to wonder if you received a new listing or not. Now you can be notified of events on your website as they happen. We hope to further extend the features of this plugin making it easy to notify interested parties of various events on the platform.


BePro Listings undergoes constant upgrades and repairs. Our goal is to continue utilizing new internet based technologies towards facilitating an easy directory building process. In the upcoming months, you can expect features like

  • Support for payments (paypal, skrill, etc)
  • Even more notifications and email support
  • Statistics
  • Additional search options
  • Captcha for protecting form submissions from spam
  • Export capabilities
  • Listings that expire aka disappear
  • New Ways to search
  • New ways to display information 😉

BePro Listings has a sophisticated communication network that allows addons to communicate through it. Depending on the addons you install and how you configure them, your setup can be completely different to another user’s. This will continue to manifest itself in a visual way as we release, new themes, result listing layouts and individual detail page templates.

We believe that these will continue to confirm our position as your best option for building any type of directory solution. Remember, we release several updates per month, so please continue to monitor new releases.


BePro Listings has more free and paid features than any other directory plugin available for wordpress. This plugin can be used to facilitate any type of directory and that’s not a mistake. With its simple outlook, under the skin, this plugin is a fairly complex. Its template architecture has been designed to be modular and open to integration from other plugins. This allows it to accommodate exactly what you need, for your particular directory setup

This post focuses on various feature enhancements that have been added to BePro Listings over the recent months. They highlight our commitment to creating a robust and useful directory website builder. The success of BePro listings is very important to our team and we will continue to improve it.

Date: BePro Listings 2.1.49 aka “Alert” was last modified: October 2nd, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at

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