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Add true gamificiation via points and rewards with woocommerce and BePro Points. This addon (BePro Points Woocommerce), joins the two plugins together. The result is a process where users can accrue points on your website and actually use them to purchase products, services or whatever else you sell.


  • BePro Points – Free on
  • Woocommerce – Free on


This plugin comes packed with a few features including

  • Choose between using as a Payment Gateway or Rewards
  • Use Virtual Currency to purchase products and services  (Gateway & Rewards)
  • Charge users for points (Rewards)
  • Select which products can award points and how much  (Rewards)
  • Ability to Exclude some products from giving points  (Rewards)
  • Conversion rate  (Rewards)
  • Maximum % points can reduce price by  (Rewards)
  • Update Capable (requires BePro Software Updates)


On activation, the plugin is setup to work as “Rewards“. This means that the user can use points during checkout. You configure how much points can reduce the price by, down to $0. This setup also comes with several setup options. This option also offers unique abilities like allowing users to buy points.

Alternatively, you can setup the plugin to work as a “Payment Gateway“. In this case, the plugin works like the default paypal payment option. Users are presented with BePro Points as a payment option during checkout. They must have enough points to purchase the product.


This plugin links two 100% free plugins together BePro Points and Woocommerce. CubePoints is a point management system for sites running on WordPress. Users can earn virtual credits (aka points) on your website by, posting comments or reviews, creating posts, making a purchase, or even something simple like logging in. You can then showcase users with the highest points or point activity in user profiles.

Woocommerce is a complete eCommerce system. It facilitates the management of products including, details, categories, and prices. It helps with everything from payments to shipping the items. With this system you can sell both tangible and digital goods

When combined, BePro Points Woocommerce facilitates the use of points from the BePro Points plugin, to be used for the purchase of products through the woocommerce plugin. This is true loyalty points and rewards in action. You reward users for doing various activities then allow them to redeem those rewards for products. Everyone wins with a system like this


To setup true wordpress gamification, you need points and rewards. Our solution uses BePro Points to supply the point features and Woocommerce to provide the rewards. This gives users a real incentive to interact with your website more often

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Version 1.0.03 (14th Nov 2015)

  • Fix empty cart on gateway purchase

Version 1.0.02 (20th Mar 2015)

  • Better Compatibility with woocommerce >2.1 and previous also

Version 1.0.01 (18th Mar 2015)

  • Choose gateway or rewards

Version 1.0.0 (14th Mar 2015)

  • Stable

Date: BePro Points Woocommerce was last modified: February 17th, 2019 by BePro Software Team Management at


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