BePro Points



This is a gamification solution which you can use on any wordpress installation. Reward users with points when they interact with your website. Add, reduce, and view point log transactions of all users on your website.


Gamification is the process by which you make interaction with your website a game. This game usually entails providing points in return for interaction on your website. This is a great way to keep customers engaged and returning to your website


BePro Points works with any wordpress installation. Simply install it and configure the options which your website and users need. Specify how many points to reward users for the following activities

  • Comments
  • New Posts
  • Registration


Like all products that are part of our BePro Software Suite, this solution is 100% FREE. This provides you with the opportunity to download, install and test the solution risk free. Once you confirm this is a great solution for your website, consider the following options for extending the features of BePro Points


If interested in finding a new way to keep users engaged, this is a great plugin for you. BePro Points provides gamifcation by rewarding users with points when they interact with your website.


Version 1.0.0 (Fri 13th, Mar 2015)

  • Stable release


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