This plugin is simple and straight forward to install. This tutorial will walk you through the installation process after you have downloaded the product. We will then cover a few configuration options you may be interested in tweaking.


Under the plugins->add new menu, choose the “upload” option. There you will be provided with a file select box which will allow you to upload the zip file you downloaded from

After the plugin is uploaded and installed, you will be prompted to activate the plugin. Click yes to this question to complete the installation. At that point, you will notice a new menu item called “BePro Emails”.


On activation, the plugin takes the email you used to setup wordpress and uses it as the address to send emails from. If this is not ideal, you should change this option under theme item “BePro Emails->Options”. There you can also set the default email agent

When plugins which are integrated with BePro Email activate, they use your default values to create its emails. You can always edit these details in the actual email details. Note that you can also create your own emails and attach them to any wordpress hook.


Configuration and setup of this plugin is easy. Most of the heavy lifting is actually done by the plugins which integrate with BePro Email. Upload the zip file, confirm the default options and you are done.

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