The magic of BePro Email, is that it allows you to add, edit or delete all of the emails. This post covers the options available and ways to approach utilizing the features.


When adding or editing an email, you will notice that the interface is the same as any wordpress page or post. This is done on purpose so that the interface is familiar and easy to navigate. However, since none of these BePro Emails actually create a page on your blog, we will explain what they are actutally used for.

The title is the subject of the email. The description is the body of the email. Everything else is described in our BePro Email Features documentation article


When a plugin which is integrated with BePro Email is installed, it loads its emails into BePro Email. These emails will identify the plugin by the “Owner” record. You are free to edit the, subject, body, and other details. We recommend leaving the “Tracker” record in tact, so the plugin is able to identify the emails it created.


The BePro Email main menu, shows all of the emails in the system. Its columns include

  • Subject
  • Email To
  • Owner
  • Hook
  • Times Sent


BePro Email is easy to manage. It looks like any other wordpress page or post; However, the details are used for a different reason. Once you understand what each option does, the rest is smooth sailing. You are able to edit all aspect of the email.

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