Add gamiification to your wordpress blog with BePro Points. This plugin allows you to reward users with points for interacting on your website. This is a great way to increase interaction and return rates on your website.

Gamification is quickly becoming on of the most popular ways to incentivize your customers and grow your user base. Many people are used to loyalty and rewards programs from major credit cards and grocery stores. So there is little to educate the customer about. Simply show them whats possible when they get points e.g. badges, products, services etc


Its the process by which you make interaction on your website resemble a game in terms of points and rewards. The goal of gamiification is to keep users engaged on your website.

When it comes to gamification and wordpress, you are rewarding users to interacting with your products and/or services. We all know that the more traffic you can keep coming back to your website, the more popular and hopefully profitable your website becomes


This is the easiest part. Simply install the plugin like any other. All management, logs and options are available in the wordpress admin. Under the BePro Points->Options menu, enter the points you would like to give users for various activities on your website. Activities include

  • Comments
  • Registration
  • Post creation

Once you have set this up, users can view their points via widgets and shortcodes that you place on any page of your blog.


As mentioned earlier in this article, the point of Gamification is to increase user interaction on your website. Reward users for the activities you would like see increase in interaction. You could also use it to sustain interest in your biggest solutions

Granting points is only part of the equation. Like your favorite loyalty program, people tend to expect some sought of reward beyond the points. They why BePro Points integrates with shopping cart plugins.


Addining gamification to your website is a great way to increase user interaciton and return rates. Customers like to be rewarded for using your product or service. BePro Points allows you to setup this situation for free. When ready to extend it with the ability for users to buy things with their points, we have addons for that.

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