If you would like to allow submissions from your wordpress front end, then BePro Listings can allow the upload of anything you need. In its free stock form, BePro Listings supports, images, categories, comments and various types of content. It also provides, listings, google maps and the opportunity for users to search and filter through listings if interested.


BePro Listings comes with a submission form that you can place on any page or post. You can configure things like, where users are redirected to after submission and the default status of submissions. Most importantly, you can configure the type of information that’s collected like, cost, contact and geography.

If you are running a community setup like buddypress, BePro Listings supports that too. With native Buddypress support, users can create, edit, and manage their submissions from their profile


Once a listing is submitted, you are able to view and manage it from the backend. You can edit all aspects of the submission, change its status or delete it at any point. This gives you full control over any submissions placed on your website

Users can manage their own submissions from the front end if you set it up. Place our profile shortcode on any page or post to reveal a table of listings that the user has created. They can then view the status of their submission, edit it or delete it

Also its important to note that BePro Listings manages images very well. From the admin or front end, you can easily see which images are featured or simply attached to a listing. You can then add, edit, delete these images as needed.


Apart from the admin, you can allow all users to search and filter through the submissions. This native functionality facilitates various layout features including, google maps, categories and multiple listing templates. Allow your users to easily navigate your submissions via our ajax interface.

Each submission generates its own page with all of the details attached. Once users find the listing they want, they can easily navigate to this details page to view more information about the listing. Users can also leave comments on listing pages if you have activated the feature.


If you would like to collect more information than the stock plugin, consider getting out drag and drop form builder. It allows you to rearrange, edit, or remove the form fields. Most importantly, it provides over 18 fields for you create your own custom form and collect the data that you need to see. Tweak aspects like label, validations and more

In fact, BePro Listings features over 18 addons handling things like, media, memberships, social, niche information and so much more. Not only do we help you to capture the information, our addons also help you to engage your customers around each listing.


BePro Listings is the most powerful front end upload plugin available for wordpress. In cases where it does not already feature the information you need, you can use our drag and drop form builder. BePro Listings and its addons will help you to facilitate the upload of, videos, images, documents and just about anything else you need to collect.

Date: WordPress Front end upload plugin was last modified: April 18th, 2015 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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