Creating your own addon for BePro Listings can be as simple or involved as you make it. With features too numerous to mention here, this versatile product allows addons to manipulate its features in various ways. You can add a simple widget or you can create an addon as involved as our Directory Form Builder. This post is dedicated to demonstrating exactly whats possible in terms of manipulating the BePro Listings plugin for your needs.


BePro Listings provides several controls and options. However, in terms of extendable features, they can be summarized as follows

  • Listing Templates – Create your own and/or transform how search results look
  • Search Query – Add to or change the search query
  • Search Filter Template – Add to the fields in the search filter
  • Detail Page Template – Create your own and/or transform how listing pages look
  • Shortcode Builder – Add options to the shortcode builder
  • Registration Form – Add to the registration fields or override the form
  • My Listings Profile page – Add to the Profile page or override it
  • Buddypress Profile pageĀ – Add to the Buddypress Profile page or override it
  • Admin Addon Options Menu – Expose options via the addon admin menu
  • Widgets – create or override widgets

Obviously, your addon will only need some of these aspects to achieve your goals. Addons we sell like, real estate and vehicles, integrate with most if not all of the above features. Others like our Videos addon, bring new features of their own e.g. integrating with the youtube and vimeo apis


The reasons for addon requests so far have varied. Some are interested in creating a product they can resell. Others are interested in facilitating a feature for their website. What all cases share, is the fact that a form builder cannot do everything. At some point, there is an api, report, or simple date manipulation thats needed.

Change how the search features work or change how the listings look. There are many ways to manipulate the experience of your BePro Listings users. The perk of building on this platform, is that a lot of the hard lifting is already done for you. You are probably looking at creating one or two components as compared to the magnitude of features that a website needs


BePro Listings has over 20 addons and over 5 themes. There is obviously a platform here that’s built to be extended. We utilize various wordpress hooks and filters to allow these addons to manipulate the base BePro Listings plugin.

Integration can be done from the convenience of your theme’s function.php file. However, most users prefer the flexibility of building their new features into an actual plugin. The options is 100% yours when it comes to integrating with BePro Listings and its addons

Speaking of addons, this is a great time to note that several of our addons share the flexibility seen in BePro Listings. Addons like the Form Builder integrate with several other addons, combining to facilitate unique features. This is the power of BePro Listings. Your addons can jump in and contribute to the experience


Its easy to extend the features of BePro Listings. The major question comes down to how many features you would like to extend. BePro Listings does a lot for you and allows you to manipulate many of those features. Make simple additions like custom widgets or completely change how listings look and work.

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