When creating a portfolio online, you need to feature various types of information including, images, video, documents, details and other content. You also want to allow users to search and filter through this information. You can create this type of portfolio with BePro Listings and the WordPress CMS. This article covers ways you can use BePro Listings to create your portfolio


BePro Listings supports various types of media and content. It also allows you to input information like, cost, contact and geographic location for any product. Most of these options can be turned off if your particular product does not need them.

Most importantly you can categorize each uploaded project, making it easy to search and filter through them. BePro Listings provides a configurable ajax search and filter experience that provides various ways of navigating your uploaded content

Each project you upload has its own page. There you will find all of the content and media that was uploaded. If you allow it, users are also about to comment on each project. This provides invaluable feedback regarding the project you have uploaded


BePro Listings works with several popular addons in its free stock form. For example, you can use popular gallery and comment plugins to enhance the base features. This is because BePro Listings uses wordpress features where possible like the gallery and comment system

More importantly, BePro Listings provides over 18 addons which enhance the features created by BePro Listings. With addons, you can also support, videos, documents and other media. Here are a few popular ones

Feature unlimited amounts of custom, information, media and other content. Also provide other ways for users to interact with your content


This plugin is also a great front end upload form. It provides the option to add projects from the frontend or backend. If this is something you would like to offer, simply place the form shortcode on any page or post. The submissions can be set to pending or published right away

This is a great way to allow other users to help build your content. If interested, you can also allow them to edit the projects they have uploaded from the front end. Again, this is facilitated by simply placing the necessary profile shortcode on any page or post


BePro Listings is the most powerful wordpress portfolio plugin available. Whether you are an artist or a corporation, BePro Listings can feature your information for clients to browse. List images, categories, details and even geographic data. Then allow users to search and filter through that information in various ways. There is no portfolio plugin with more features than BePro Listings.

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