Here at BePro Software, we offer a Form Builder for creating Salesforce forms. This capability is built on the WordPress CMS and helps you to both store form submissions locally on your server as well as forwarding them to Salesforce. You decide which fields are needed and you can create unlimited forms.


Our Form Builder is built with an easy drag and drop interface, which allows you to specify fields, their names, and their values. This degree of customization allows you to create unlimited forms which meet the specific needs of your website.

The submissions can be tracked per form. This makes it easy to see which form is performing the best. You can place any form on as many pages on your website as you wish providing you with the ability to capture as many leads as possible.

The Form Builder is very versatile and configurable. You can dictate which page the form goes to after submission. You can also configure things like payments via Paypal or Stripe. You decide the journey the user takes after filling out and submitting your forms.


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It is 100% FREE and is installed on your web server. This forms the foundation of your website and is a prerequisite for the Form Builder to work. Our BePro Listings plugin is an addon for WordPress which forms the foundation for our Form Builder. Once all 3 are installed, they provide a plethora of features.

BePro Listings is an engine that will help you to make sense of form submissions by mining the data through a powerful and customizable search interface. This is an optional feature that you can easily ignore. However, if you choose to utilize the feature, it can graphically showcase important information like

  • Addresses showcased on Google maps
  • Pictures in a browsable gallery format
  • Viewable Youtube videos

This is a powerful platform that many will never fully utilize. With over 20 addons, BePro Listings serves many purposes. When paired with the Form Builder, it really showcases its 3rd party integration with platforms like Salesforce


Our Form Builder can be easily configured you use your oid to submit form submissions to your account on Salesforce. This allows your sales team to manage all leads in Salesforce, so they will never have to login to the WordPress CMS. Once in Salesforce, you can continue to manage the form lead with your internal sales process

Our platform saves the leads locally in your database which is setup by the WordPress CMS. This allows your team to cross reference the leads in Salesforce to confirm no leads are lost. After working with customers spending Millions of USD per month on generating leads, we understand how important each and every lead is. This platform makes sure that you never loose a lead once its submitted.


If you would like to create custom forms on your website which forward to Salesforce then consider our BePro Listings Form Builder solution. Contact Us today for a consultation so that we can showcase how this platform can meet your lead capture goals. We offer installation and configuration options for customers who would like to get setup and running quickly.

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