You heard it right ladies and gentlemen, we have made a major upgrade to our Form Builder addon for BePro Listings. This is our biggest selling product by far and is very important to the future of BePro Software. You can anticipate further tweaks and fixes for any bugs that arise as part of this new version


We are excited to announce that we have been able to achieve some of our original goals for the plugin and some new ones. We thank our customers for suggesting many of the features that we develop. With the Form Builder version 2.0.0 you can utilize new features like the following:

Salesforce Integration – Now you can forward your submissions to your Salesforce account. This is a major step forward for the plugin since it not only saves the submissions but also forwards them to a 3rd party for the first time.

Backups – This is a much needed feature. Now you can easily backup your forms and all submissions view the admin interface. This makes it easy to restore the data at any time in the original site or any other site with the form builder installed


We have also fixed  and enhanced various features of the Form Builder including its interface. The goal here being that the Form Builder is easier to use and more versatile. These changes include:

Hide on Details Page – Now you can offer fields like text or email to end users on the form, then hide those details on the actual listings page. We understand that  not all data captured on the frontend needs to be shared with the world. This enhancement allows you to make these types of decisions

Hidden Fields – Yes, we just added the ability to add hidden fields to your form. These fields cannot be seen by end users at any time. The most obvious utilization of fields like this are integration with 3rd party solutions and/or custom javascript or other code on the front end.


We hope to continue enhancing the core features with the goal of making the best Form Builder ever regardless of platform. We are particularly excited about the addition of Artificial Intelligence and big data. This will be a subscription service for those interested in increasing form conversions.

In short, your plugin will send meta data to our servers for analysis once you explicitly opt in with an active monthly subscription on Data captured will be 100% numeric, we have no current intention of retrieving actual form submissions. With this meta data, we will use our processing power and data submitted by other customs, to find customizations that you can implement to increase the likelihood of a user filling out your form. We hope to present options like

  • Order of fields
  • Number of fields
  • Field names

These options will be provided to you in the plugins admin area with their statistics which we have figured out from analysis of what works for other customers. You will be able to set the plugin to automatically attempt new form layouts or wait for you to select the one that makes the most sense to you.


We thank all of our customers for their support and patience. This change has been a long time coming and we believe its been worth the wait. These new features showcase a major leap forward for the form builder. With 3rd party integration and enhancements of existing features, we hope that users find the plugin to be easier to use and more versatile for their needs. We encourage our existing customers to upgrade immediately to take advantage of these new features. We also invite new users to consider our platform for their needs.


Date: BePro Listings Form Builder 2.0.0 was last modified: November 30th, 2018 by BePro Software Team Management at

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