List product prices, images, and other details with the BePro Listings WordPress plugin. This highly configurable and FREE plugin will quickly help you to get started with an easy installation wizard

Use your existing website theme or one of our Premium Themes. This plugin will allow you to add your products, then allow front end visitors to search and filter through the options. The listed options will feature various information about your products. Once users choose to see details, they can go to a details page for each listing, where extensive information including price can be listed


To start, you simply download BePro Listings for free from You can do that from the plugins page of your WordPress admin panel. The plugin walks you through an installation wizard where you select the features that work best for your store or business. Once installed, you will be presented with a sample listing which you can edit or delete.

We offer video, article, and coding documentation for BePro Listings and its various addons. The plugin will deploy itself across your website after installation. However note that there are many customizations that can be made to the layout after installation. The initial layout is a generic option to get you started. We offer many layout options


The BePro Listings plugin comes with a lot of features which can all be toggled and or configured. A subset of free packaged features include:

  • Contact Info
  • Cost Info
  • Gallery Images
  • Categories
  • Product Details
  • Google Maps

That’s right, if your products have geographic component, you can also showcase your products on a map. If you ever choose to accept money through this setup, the plugin offers PayPal payments for free. A great idea of this would be a museum whose artifacts are located in different locations.

You can also extend this plugin with, Form Builders, contact forms, and lots of other features. BePro Listings has over 20 addons for you to consider. Our development and support team are here you help you get started. Regardless of your goals, we either have a plugin which fits that need today, or our team would be happy to create a quote for new features


Setup a product listings website is easy with the BePro Listings plugin. Regardless of the type of product you plan on listing, this plugin can be customized to fit your needs. Showcase important information and make it searchable with the BePro Listings plugin today.

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