We launched a premium directory theme for BePro Listings. This is a different direction to our popular 1 dollar themes, which are little more than child themes. Our new premium theme comes with multiple custom page and listing templates. 100’s of design and development hours went into this theme and we hope you like it. We present BePro Business Directory

This mobile friendly design is built from the ground up with the latest version of Bootstrap. This means that it will look good on all screen sizes. Even BePro Listings elements like the search results have been redesigned to these requirements while working with this premium theme. This theme showcases the power of BePro Listings

Overall Design

We created a solution which will works for most listing websites e.g. vehicles, real estate, etc. You can see this with the differences between our home and search templates. This is also evident with the ability to change various colors and layout options.

Notice the green elements in the demo. Those elements showcase BePro Listings elements. The entire theme is designed with the idea of teaching the webmaster and developers how BePro Listings works and what you can do to customize the layout

Home Page Templates

We packaged 2 home page templates with version 1.0.0. Notice that home-2 offers a package option. This is taken directly from BePro Listings. The feature is only available when BePro Cart is installed and BePro Listings is configured to charge users via packages. We are excited to showcase features like this in this theme

Although not required, this theme makes special use of our icons and search addons. These plugins have a special place one of our home page templates. Showcasing the icons as they relate to categories and the search links you create via the search addon.

Search Page Templates

We packaged 3 search page templates with version 1.0.0. Our goal with these was to cover every imaginable layout. We are especially proud of our main search page layout. Its shows 1.5 listings for mobile users and hides the map. This is specifically to reduce the amount of time the user spends scrolling while still giving them access to all features.

Did you notice the ability to sort ascending and descending? Are you still trying to find this option in BePro Listings? The fact is that we may eventually release this feature for the plugin interface, however, the plumbing for the feature is available and being exploited by this new theme. With this theme, we push BePro Listings to its limits.

If you don’t care for hidden elements, then we offer 2 other search templates. Change the sidebar from left to right or none at all. Paginate your listings and offer the search features in an easy to access sidebar. These 2 search page templates were specifically designed to simulate the majority of layouts we have seen being offered on WordPress competitors.

Other Templates

One of the real indicators of a premium theme its ability to support all website features. We offer a custom layout for the categories and blog as you would expect. We also offer custom templates for your about us and contact us pages. We want to help you deliver a uniform experience across your website and we understand the importance of these types of pages


We at BePro Software never wanted to get into the business of making themes. We planned, designed, redesigned this premium WordPress theme. This was a very difficult process for us, so at the same time we have enhanced BeProThemes.com to encourage the community to continue developing themes. We are happy to share this proof of concept with our community in hopes that it educates users and developers on ways they can utilize BePro Listings.

Date: BePro Business Directory 1.0.01 was last modified: April 17th, 2019 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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