Fresh in from the presses!!!! literally. We have printed the first version of our tablet mounts using a 3D printer. This option has been invaluable in terms of bringing our designs to life.

The first version focuses on the wall mount scenario. We are still planning on a table top swivel mount. However, for now, we are really happy with the test data that we have received from our partners in store

The development for BePro Mobile is fully into the testing stage. So we are actively testing these designs in store and during normal business operations. We have been able to test everything from its ease of use to its long term durability

We have already identified issues that will be fixed in the next version. We want to move away from plastics and implement a steel structure. This will undoubtedly, reduce weight, hide rivets, become more durable and be more  attractive. We will still be offering the ability to put your name on the mount but we intend to use laser engraving instead of the raised layer from the 3D printer

Contact us today with your thoughts, recommendations, or questions today. We intend to make the mounts in high volume for global distribution. Here are a few more images

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