BePro Mobile was created with developers in mind. With our native mobile application, you can make any wordpress plugin work on any mobile platform we support. BePro Mobile has 3 sections:

  • Native mobile phone app
  • WordPress plugin
  • plugin add-ons

The wordpress plugin provides all of the api hooks necessary to communicate with the mobile app. Our plugin handles all of the complexities regarding communication with the app. You simply provide us with a few details about your app, via the api, and it will show up within the app menu. You will *NEVER* have to worry about native app development


Currently, we offer the opportunity to control:

  • Menu names
  • Content
  • Polling/Updates from your plugin
  • WordPress login and passwords

We intend to expand these features, providing more control over the underlying phone platform features. This gives you the opportunity to concentrate on what you do best, develop wordpress plugins.


You login to wordpress using your url and password. The app then retrieves all active add-ons from our wordpress plugin. These plugins send information like, who they are, what they want to do, their menu name, etc. We then convert this into something the app can consume.

The app will provide complete control over content to you. Note, BePro Mobile will circumvent any attempt to link to other pages. This means that you must create an ajax powered plugin. We recommend using jquery mobile since thats currently the only mobile focused library and styles we support.


Well there is a lot of special sauce that will never be divulged. The important aspect to note is that the app is built on the Phonegap infrastructure. This theoretically means that the app will be available on the following platforms:

  1. android
  2. windows mobile
  3. blackberry
  4. ios
  5. iphone

Although we are using Phonegap, we compile our own android apps. Android is the only platform we are currently focusing on and testing. Once we have proven that the setup is robust on that platform, we will work on the other operating systems in the order they appear above.

However, your concern is about how your plugin will work with the setup. In short, your plugin must control all content. We simply provide the api hooks which your plugin will then consume and respond to.


If you are a wordpress plugin developer and you are interested in having your plugin work in a native phone application, this is the solution for you. You simply need to hook into our plugin, the same way you would for any other wordpress plugin. We then handle all the complex communication between the app and wordpress.

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