Here at BePro Software, we have been lucky enough to see a surge in recent registrations and purchases. We appreciate this confidence from our customers. In return, we wanted to make a safer place to discuss software and pay for products.


Recently, we upgraded the entire website to be HTTPS which uses SSL technology. In short, you will notice that our url now has a little green padlock next to it. This means that all of your communication with is now encrypted, from your registration all the way to payments.

These types of security measures are usually only implemented for sensitive areas like payment situations. However, we have opted to make all pages https. Now, no matter what you choose to share with us, you have more of an assurance that its protected. So feel free to put real information in our contact forms and during registration.


Some may wonder why this wasn’t done before. To be honest, up until recently, all payment transactions happened outside of our website. During the early stages of, the type of information exchanged on our website was of low importance and we didn’t see the economic benefit of implementing SSL technology

With the launch of our new payment option Stripe, we were required to implement SSL technology. That’s because this payment provider does not provide an independent payment gateway. Since our goal was to extend payment options while maintaining security, it was obvious that this upgrade was needed. It also a great step forward, considering the popularity of our products and our upcoming plans for the marketplace


We continue to take measures to make a more enjoyable and safe place to do business. Some changes you may notice and many you may not. However, rest assured that we are very happy to have you as customers and we take the security of your information seriously

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