When we originally released this plugin, it filled a very big need to make upgrades easy. Our plugins now upgrade as if downloaded from wordpress.org. Although the plugin did not enforce licenses, your ease of use was more important. This post is to announce a big change.


In the product description for BePro Software Updates, we stated that one day licenses will be enforced. Today is that day. From here on, you must use the latest version of BePro Software Updates to receive updates on paid products. This will soon be a requirement for free products too.


Now, there is a new page in the admin for managing your BePro Software Updates Settings. There, you will be able to enter a username and password. This is the username and password you use on BeProSoftware.com to login.

If the credentials are correct, you will continue to see when new versions of plugins have been released. If your credentials are incorrect or you do not have the latest version of BePro Software Updates, you will no longer see any notification of updates. As you can imagine, this means you cannot upgrade further


You guessed it, you must re-purchase the product you want to upgrade, to begin receiving update notifications again. Each product has an expiry date which is outlined in the product description. If you are unsure when your products expire, simply visit your My Accounts page


We understand that this may not seem like the most exciting news to receive. However, each product is labelled with its license terms. In addition, the BePro Software Updates plugin description, explained that this day would eventually come. Initially, we focused on making things easy for you. Now, we are focusing on monetizing our products so we can continue to grow. With that said, this is very good new for you because we can now release tons of new stuff that we were holding back because of our lack or managing licenses.

Date: BePro Software Updates 1.0.02 was last modified: June 29th, 2015 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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