Our BePro Cart wordpress plugin adds payment features to our BePro Software Suite of products. We are working towards integrating several of our products with it. This approach allows us to focus on making this plugin great at doing only one thing, Process Payments.


BePro Cart is stable. The plugin comes with a paypal payment option and the ability to create a payment button. In short, the product works on its own, allowing you to test out the cart experience. When paired with other members of our BePro Software Suite, it provides great ecommerce features

We have also began creating addons for BePro Cart. From its inception, we wanted this plugin to provide as many payment options as possible. Now you can use, Stripe, 2Checkout and many more to come. This approach allows plugin creators to easily add payment features to their products, by integrating with BePro Cart.


Our goal is to provide a stable shopping cart solution for our BePro Software Suite and any plugin developer who would like to use BePro Cart. BePro Cart will continue to evolve in two ways.

  • Continued development of payment gateways
  • Better support for plugin integration
  • Improved user experience

We are actively working with payment providers to test and certify our addons. Soon you can anticipate a full library of payment provider options to choose form, spanning the globe. This will make adding payment to your wordpress blog a lot easier than it is with today’s bloated options.

This plugin works with our BePro Listings solution today. From this integration, we have learnt a lot about the needs of plugins which may want to integrate. Many of the changes that affect integration will be under the surface, allowing BePro Cart to support and communicate with other plugins better

Its obvious that a plugin like this needs to be setup to work. You can anticipate that addition of an installation wizard to reduce the time needed to get started with BePro Cart. You can also anticipate better support for multiple languages


We are very happy to add BePro Cart to our BePro Software Suite of products. This unique approach to building a shopping cart solution, removes the bloated overhead of popular solutions available today. Now you can easily add payment features you your website or extend your plugin to use BePro Cart. Over the coming weeks you can expect this plugin to become easier to use and provide more payment options.

Date: BePro Cart 1.0.04: What’s Next was last modified: April 30th, 2015 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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