Adding store locator features to your wordpress website is easy with the BePro Listings plugin. This solution comes with google maps, contact search and other features your customers will appreciate when trying to find your stores. With an easy setup, you will be up and running within minutes

BePro Listings PLUGIN

This listings plugin comes with several optional features which are ideal for adding a searchable store locator feature to your website. Use BePro Listings to run your entire wordpress website or implement the store locator as one of the features.

BePro Listings has over 20 addons which can help you to customize your store location experience. This really sets it apart from any other store locator solution available for wordpress. Add features like, reviews, bookings, contact, and so much more to the store locator experience


BePro Listings is very flexible. Begin by placing one shortcode on any page or post ([ bl_all_in_one ]). Depending on your selections during the installation wizard, you will immediately see various features added to your website. Specifically, users will be able to search and filter through ajax search results in the form of listings, categories and google maps.

The experience is completely customizeable. Allow users to search by location and contact name. Add various information to each listing including, images, contact info, description and so much more. This allows you to fully describe your stores in detail.


BePro Listings has over 20 addons and themes to consider. The provide tons of features to allow you to create the ultimate store locator experience. Add features like reviews, media (videos, audio, etc), documents and so much more.

One addon to focus on would be our Form Builder. This plugin allows you to customize a lot of the data that shows up in search results and on the detail pages. For those looking to change labels or simply need to immerse the user in custom information, this plugin is a must have.


Creating a store locator on wordpress is easy with BePro Listings. Use one shortcode and instantly add multiple features to your website like google maps and ajax search results. With tons of ways to describe your stores and compatibility with most themes, this is the ideal plugin for adding to your website.

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