Our themes installs like any other theme downloaded from wordpress.org. In many cases, our themes are easier to setup than those you spend $60+ USD on.


  • Step 1 – You can upload the zip file through the wordpress admin (Appearance -> Themes) or unzip the theme and upload the theme files via ftp to the theme folder.
  • Step 2 – You should create a page called “Home” and assign the “Home Page Template” as its template.
  • Step 3 – Go to Settings -> Reading menu in the admin and select “a static page” from the radio buttons with “Home” selected from the resulting drop down option.
  • Step 4 – Under the menu Appearance -> Widgets, add the “BePro Listings Search Filter” to the “Home Intro” sidebar.

Note that our sample site has a 3rd party advertising plugin/widget installed as well as With the home page, if you put anything into the page, it will replace the map. So for instance, if you had the BePro Listing Galleries addon installed, you could replace the map with a slider like:

[bpg_slider pids="125,128,148,138" gtype="slider2"]

You are also free to put the map back in there with other content if you like. The main thing to note is that the map on the home page will disappear once you begin adding content to the page in the admin. This mimics the effect with your default sidebar, when empty it has default widgets.


Since this is built on the popular BePro Listings Plugin, there are tons of ways to expand this theme. Please note that the addons are also featured in the demo. Features like, the sliders, map icons, video uploads, etc are not included. Once activated they automatically work with the theme and usually come with configurable options. Consider checking out a few of our addons if interested in extra features


Setting up one of our themes is easier. In many cases, its easier than setting up themes you pay $60+ dollars for. Within minutes, you can take our theme files, add the data, substitute your brand, and begin doing business.

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