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Now you can add stripe payments to your BePro Cart experience. Simply install and configure the plugin to facilitate users with a new payment option. This is a great alternative to the stock paypal options provided by BePro Cart

Note: This plugin is currently only available in english


  • BePro Cart 1.0.03 or later


Stripe is growing in popularity for its simple interface and ability to process credit cards directly on your website. Stripe is a great alternative to Paypal since the solution is white labelled, meaning the user never knows they are using Stripe. Customers from the US and Canada can create charges in 138 currencies for Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards. We currently support 9 currencies

  • USD
  • CAD
  • AUD
  • ZAR
  • EUR
  • BRL
  • MXN
  • SEK
  • INR

According to the stripe website, “You can accept payments in your supported currencies from almost any credit card and debit card, no matter where your customer lives. Customers in other countries may be charged additional fees by their bank.”


After installation, go to the BePro Cart options page. There you will have a new tab for the stripe options. You can enter test key values initially to confirm the product is working as expected. When ready, enter live keys.

When this payment gateway is installed and configured correctly, it will be available on the shopping cart during checkout. The user can then choose to checkout using Stripe or PayPal (if you left it activated)

When the user clicks the payment button, they are presented with a payment form in a pop up window. Any errors during purchase are shown to the user in this pop up window. If the payment is processes without issues, the user is sent to your “Thank You” page and any plugin that’s associated with BePro Cart, will be notified of this event.


Stripe recommends that you have an SSL certificate installed on your server. Anytime you are processing payments on your website, you should have one. You know a website is secured with ssl because of the green padlock in the browser address field. SSL is engaged when you visit any page on


If you would like to offer an alternative option to the stock paypal option provided by BePro Cart, then consider this Stripe payment solution. Stripe is a great way to process credit cards directly on your website.

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