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For those looking for Business Directory software, we created this wordpress plugin. It extends our 100% FREE BePro Listings plugin by providing popular layouts typically seen in business directories. List various info like staff, locations, images and lots more. You can be up and running with your own paid or free business directory within minutes.


With this addon, you will get the following

  • 6 new listing types for showcasing item name and or contact details specific information
  • alphabetic filter for quickly sifting through the results

Together, our plugins allow you to setup various directory layouts. Use all of the typical BePro Listings features like, search, galleries and geography. Also try using the new alphabetic filter which can help users to navigate particular large lists

All listings are organized according to either their post name or their contact information. If you are expecting information to be ordered by post name, then use the order_by=1 declaration. If you are expecting information to be ordered by contact details Last Name, then use the order_by=3 declaration.

For the templates labeled “b” e.g. “bl1b” and “bl2b” these are particularly setup to feature contact details and should be used in conjunction with the ordered_by=3 “Last name” setup


Notice that we are using BePro Listings shortcodes. This addon, works with all of the other BePro Listings Features, as well as our other 20+ BePro Listings addons. To view the new shortcodes, view our BePro Listings Shortcode documentation.

Like everything else in BePro Listings, you can add and remove options. Remember, all of the listing shortcodes come from BePro Listings. This plugin adds new ways of viewing that information. Specifically in this case, we are focusing on staff and business related information


Our Business directory software allows you to list information about your business or staff in a directory layout with the power of BePro Listings behind of it. When ready for even more features, consider using our growing list of addons. This is the ideal php based script for running your business directory website

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1 review for BePro Listings Business Directory Plugin

  1. anne_26

    This add-on works great. The only thing I noticed is that when using the “clear search”, the order of the listings changed to the date when they are posted, not alphabetically anymore. But overall, I think this is great. Looking forward for more features.

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